Featured C/10 of the Week 3/19/23

Our featured truck of the week is C/10 Club Utah member Charles Ledbetter’s @xchuckx801 radical ‘70 C/10! 🔥🔥 Charles is an EMT here in Salt Lake, and was on the front lines during Covid. Nationally, C/10 Club @c10club recognizes First Responders and have created a special sticker to honor them. (See it below)

We will be presenting Charles with his at our Kickoff Meet and Meat on April 1, 2023 at Murray Park! Read more about all that Charles has done to his truck on our website, Link in Bio. Beautiful work on your truck Charles, and Thank you for all you do in our community! 🙏🙏

Here’s what Charles had to say about his truck:

1970 C10 Long bed. Yes a long bed!! When you get a project you will never know if you will put a few hundred or a few thousand dollars into it. It just explodes with your creation and vision and then you end up with what you have. 

Sometimes you build with what you have and others seem to have opinions about it negatively. At the end of the day you created your best dream with what you have in your hands. And to me that’s better then anything else in the world rather it be a few hundred dollar build or a 1 million dollar build. Effort and time for this hobby and love of trucks is what brings us together. Not trends and displays of money. I rather be friends with a guy who has a old rusted truck then a guy who has a truck that won’t drive to the car show himself. 

5.3 LS 76mm single turbo. Stage 2 truck turbo cam. Ls3 blue springs. Titanium valves 94mm throttle body. AEM high pressure fuel system to 70lb injectors. 

MSD ignition system

All controlled by Holley terminator x max system. 

Can run from 5psi to 10psi 

With ranges from 450whp to just under 700. 


Beltech 3 inch drop spindle with 2 inch drop springs 

Nitrogen quick damper shocks 

1.5 inch sway bar with new bushings. 

Sitting on disk brakes from a 80s truck swap

245/40/r17 front tires 

17×8 wheel. 

Custom lengthened and balanced drive shaft. Connected to a 373 Yukon harden gears with Yukon dura slip differential. Harden chromoly axle shafts. Out to original drum brakes. “ I know I know next upgrade” 

All that is sitting on 275/45/r17 tires 

With a 17×9 wheel 

Rear suspension beltech performance coils 4 inch drop with nitrogen shocks. 

Currently no rear sway bar but have one ready for installation when I get a chance. 

Truck was hand painted by the great Keith Eccles. 

Has a oem style interior with bucket seats and frame mounted harnesses bar. 

B&M automatic floor shifter.

Truck was built with money over a few years from back to back 60 to 90 hour work weeks working emergency medical services. 

Sometimes the only way to complete a project is to work for the cost of the project before starting one this way short cuts are not taken and you actually build what you really wanted. 

You can kinda say that I have held peoples heads together and got blood on my hands to earn this truck 😂 

Not sure what it is about a old truck but there is nothing like it driving down the road !  Keep the pedal to the metal and the eye on the prize because in the end you will always win if you keep grinding away.


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